Friday, October 28, 2011

A few tracks!!! - Yeah whatever!

BLUE JEANS Odd Future's The Internet Remix by P5757575757575

OK there are some awesome songs out there right now. This Lana Del Ray remix is tits.

Dro Carey - Promothug ~ free download by RAMP Recordings / PTN

this has been in my head for a week... now i unleash it to the world.

thats it for now... I am going to a halloween thingie. I might put more later.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A little late... a few tracks (don't judge me!)

 This week has been insane, I have been run ragged, I am emotionally and financially drained. This week has been an asshole. I have however had a few hours to myself this week to watch horror movies and listen to music (two of my favorite past times). In those few hours I dedicated my time to listening to new stuff. This is what I have been loving for the past few days.

M83 - Midnight City
This track is amazing and I have been obsessing over it for the past week. M83 is an amazing electronic heavy Nu-Wave/Indie Pop group that is right up there with bands like Empire of the Sun or Passion Pit. This music video is yet another venture into that medium that works. I am saying it man, if one of the music channels can get their shit together, music videos might have a repeat run with success. This video showcases kids with powers. Its fun as hell to watch. I suggest you do. Very clean and crisp too.

 Rustie - Ultra Thizz
You Tube says that this album is best listened to when taking MDMA (Ecstasy). The beats are clean and the song is just plain fun. Give it a listen and try not to move your head. Its impossible. This is again another electronic kick that really delivers one in the kisser. If you are in search of something really cool, Czech out this album. I wasn't disappointed. 

Lou Reed/Metallica - The View
Lou Reed's voice is not very well accompanied by the gritty corporate metal gods, Metallica. Most tracks on the album feel like holdovers from Death Magnetic. Reed sounds completely separate, like he is just sitting next to you spouting off poetry. Its really bizarre and hard to follow. Go ahead and listen to this, but don't say I didn't warn you. Go to to hear the full album, if you want to. It might be one of the only times that Metallica lets you hear their music without bitching about you paying for it. Fuck Lars. The View is the most popular track on the album. I would have listened to the entire album to give you my favorite track, but i couldn't make it past track 3. 

King Khan - I Got Love

So I heard this little ditty by King Khan today and I am thoroughly impressed. I fell in love with his group King Khan & The Shrines at Coachella last year. He had one of the best shows of the festival. This song reminds me of Land of the Freak. I really dig that track and this one as well. Give it a listen and tell me what you think.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Do You Even Like Music #1

A few months past I was riding shotgun in my friend's truck to the local shop to pick up some alcohol for the upcoming night's festivities (I think we were celebrating the fact that it was Friday evening); the trip was a short one so we skipped the ipod playlist and opted for standard clear channel radio to soundtrack our beer run. We caught the tail end of some interchangeable pop confection before LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" began flooding out of the speakers. My friend started bobbing his head in active enjoyment while I involuntarily sneered. Noticing my obvious discomfort I got a roll of the eyes from the driver seat, "You just don't like it because it's mainstream".

And there it was: the go to accusation against music nerds everywhere.

I don't consider myself a music snob and I'm not going to write something off because it's in the clear channel rotation, at least not initially; I held some affection for Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks" but the industry-wide mandate to play it every third song for the last six months has severely soured our relationship. Radio has issued a similar extended quota to "Party Rock Anthem" but over exposure isn't to blame for my lack of enthusiasm for LMFAO; excepting this my friend proposed it was because I "read too much into this type of music. This music is for dumb fun, its not meant to be dissected". This maybe true, I may analyze music a bit more than the average listener but that is because I'm fascinated by what separates a song I genuinely like and one I can't stand. Sometimes its something easy like a singer's voice or the difference between a drum machine and a real person behind the skins, but more often than not the criteria I follow isn't so easily defined even within my own head. I directed my accuser's attention to exhibit B: I like plenty of songs that are conceptually and lyrically "ankle deep". I still listen to CCS's entire self titled album with tracks like "Art Bitch" and "Meeting Paris Hilton" and perhaps even stronger evidence for my case: my inexplicable affection for Katy Perry's "E.T.".

I've tried to follow the trail of my enjoyment for this song down the rabbit hole, but every time I do I end up getting lost. I even listened to "E.T." along with the four other number one singles from Katy Perry's Teenage Dream in an attempt to suss-out the reason her hit average by my ear is only one-in-five. What did my search uncover? Nothing I could take to court. It wasn't the Kanye West feature, I like "E.T." despite his awful verse; the music is more spacey and electronic so it stands out when compared to the other four singles but I don't equate different with better otherwise I might like Animal Collective.

When I think of "Party Rock Anthem" and the five (so far) number one singles from Teenage Dream sand "E.T." the same word consistantly accompanies the music: obnoxious. Obnoxious like the kid who cheated on the big test but still brags about his "A-".

"Whatever. Change the channel then," my friend offered emphasizing his waning patience with my criticizing his music for the duration of the short trip. I crossed my arms in a mocking pout and let the music play on and he didn't say it but I'm sure at that point we were thinking the same thing: obnoxious.

Monday, October 10, 2011

rage against pop music (music occupying Occupy) a few tracks...

So everyone knows about the movement that is happening on the left side of politics lately, that is Occupy Wall Street or just OCCUPY. This group of citizens that is tired of corporations getting rich while the hard-working masses get poorer. They started out by organizing a sit-in of Wall Street and caught the eye of the world as a motivated protest. They also caught the eye of protest rawkers everywhere including Radiohead, Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel), and rapper/poet Talib Kweli. The latter two of the three actually picking up the microphone and playing at the "event" protest. This is important for a number of reasons. It helps get the word out, of course. However, it also serves as a rare opportunity to see Jeff Mangum preform. No pop artist preformed.

Jeff Mangum preforming live @ Occupy Wall Street

Talib Kweli preforming live @ Occupy Wall Street

Radiohead was heavily rumored to make a surprise appearance at Occupy Wall Street. A rumor that they later debunked, however they lent their support to OCCUPY shortly after explaining their stance against corporations on the Colbert Report. This leads me to try to figure out just what Radiohead is doing recently and why they seem to be popping as of late. It has been a few months now since the release of King of Limbs and Radiohead is just now performing songs like Lotus Flower and Giving Up the Ghost on the late night TV show circuit. Well earlier this week Radiohead released a mixtape TKOL RMX 1234567 that features chill-waveish remixes of 19 songs. (I have included a link to listen to the mixtape). It seems to me that Radiohead isn't finished releasing The King of Limbs. I think that they have much more to do with it and they are planning some really big things. The release of the album was just the first. I am expecting really big things in the near future from Radiohead.
Radiohead - Lotus Flower (Jaques Greene Remix)

This week a former bassist for Weezer died. Mikey Welsh played with the group during their Green Album period, and toured with them during their re-claiming of success. I personally caught Weezer a number of times during this period and the band looked like they were so happy. I am happy to have seen Mikey Welsh in concert when he still appeared happy. It sucks when things just don't work out for people. Mikey Welsh will be missed.

Weezer (w/ Mikey Welsh) - Don't Let Go, Island in the Sun, American Gigolo, and Crab (Live 2001)


Sunday, October 9, 2011

So, the Misfits have a new album...

From the film The Devil's Rain (1975)
The Misfits go through band members faster than Dr. Who goes through leading actors. Am I right? I don't really watch that show but I just wanted to throw that out there. I am sorry if I offended any Dr. Who-ians, is that right? Dr. Who-ians? Anyway, the Misfits came out with a new album earlier this week called The Devil's Rain. Not surprising to anyone that this record is a horrible excuse for a Misfits album. This poor band would of had a stellar reputation if they just knew when to hang up the make-up and clip-on devil locks.

Pretty awesome album cover
The Devil's Rain starts out heavy and rough, but it lacks the speed and attitude that goes hand-n-hand with the anti-establishment punk bands of their era. Hell, this version of the Misfits left that attitude and speed in their rear-view mirror long ago. They have since replaced it with snarky business moves and corporate branding. If anyone ever needs an example of a band that has sold out, I would point out the Misfits. Does any of that matter? The Misfits have always just been a band that likes to have fun and write songs about horror movies. If you knew me, you would have thought that the Misfits were my Beatles.

The album starts with its titular track The Devil's Rain. The song really sets the pace for the entirety of the album. If you don't feel like listening to this full album then you can go ahead and just listen to this one track. It IS the album, no other song on the albums shines nearly as bright and doesn't seem nearly as polished. The rest of the album seems forced and uncomfortable. I haven't seen Misfits live since 2000, but I am assuming that they wouldn't choose any songs from this album to fill up their set-list. Its just really disappointing. I hope Danzig does us all a favor and comes back to the Misfits just to shut Jerry Only up. Like a retirement tour. I could go for that.


Misfits - The Devil's Rain

Suggested Listening: The Misfits (The commercial version, not the Danzig version) had some pretty great tracks. Nothing that could hold a candle up to something from Danzig era Misfits, but it still holds its own in my eyes. Here are some of my favorite corporate Misfits songs.

Misfits - Kong at the Gates/Forbidden Zone/Lost In Space
Album: Famous Monsters
Why?: This may be stretching it but Kong at the Gates, Lost in Space, and Forbidden Zone are best when played together as one big track. Kong at the Gates is one of the best intros. They all kick so much major ass and make me want to mosh like crazy! If you are a skinny-jean teenager that loves punching other teens at hardcore shows than I would suggest listening to both of these tracks. This would be a great intro for anyone that wants to see a really true mix of old Misfits and new Misfits. Great songs. 


and here is a little something extra for you...
Misfits (ft. Joan Jett) - Astro Zombies