Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Track Review! -- Lana Del Rey "Kinda Outta Luck"

Lana Del Rey "Kinda Outta Luck"    This song serves as an adequate mission statement for the type of retro-pop diva aesthetic Lana Del Rey and her label are trying to cultivate. The intro begins with a lonely guitar plucking in dusty sepia tones that summon the same early 70's pulp feel of a Quentin Tarantino movie while Del Rey lazily laments along to before a rush of popcorn drums enthusiastically race to the sonic forefront and announce the song proper. Lana immediately switches gears and bounces along with the simple, but effective 1-2-3-4 step bassline singing "Femme Fatale/ Always on the run/ Diamonds on my wrist/ Whiskey on my tongue" with an air of knowing sweetness and don't-give-a-fuck confidence that you can almost smell a mixture of vanilla perfume and whiskey vapor coming out of the speakers.

     The chorus brings in a cadence of hand-claps as Ms. Rey begins an ocsillating sing-song voice that coolly rubber bands up and down as she playfully asks if it's, "wrong wrong THAT I think it's KINDA fun WHEN I hit you IN THE back OF THE head WITH A gun". She comes off like a female sociopath version of Ferris Bueller who always gets what she wants but you still can't help but think she totally deserves to get away with all of it.

     Lana Del Rey has been getting a lot of attention based on just a few songs which is a weird consequence of our modern "gimme gimme gimme" attitude towards music and right now she hasn't produced another track as unabashedly pop as "Kinda Outta Luck", and seems to be leaning towards a more moody fair based on the few other .mp3's I've heard. Hopefully I'm not getting excited over a fluke of a song and in-spite of her growing visibility, and the artistic pressure that brings, Lana Del Rey remembers to take a day off and just have some fun every once in a while.


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