Sunday, October 9, 2011

So, the Misfits have a new album...

From the film The Devil's Rain (1975)
The Misfits go through band members faster than Dr. Who goes through leading actors. Am I right? I don't really watch that show but I just wanted to throw that out there. I am sorry if I offended any Dr. Who-ians, is that right? Dr. Who-ians? Anyway, the Misfits came out with a new album earlier this week called The Devil's Rain. Not surprising to anyone that this record is a horrible excuse for a Misfits album. This poor band would of had a stellar reputation if they just knew when to hang up the make-up and clip-on devil locks.

Pretty awesome album cover
The Devil's Rain starts out heavy and rough, but it lacks the speed and attitude that goes hand-n-hand with the anti-establishment punk bands of their era. Hell, this version of the Misfits left that attitude and speed in their rear-view mirror long ago. They have since replaced it with snarky business moves and corporate branding. If anyone ever needs an example of a band that has sold out, I would point out the Misfits. Does any of that matter? The Misfits have always just been a band that likes to have fun and write songs about horror movies. If you knew me, you would have thought that the Misfits were my Beatles.

The album starts with its titular track The Devil's Rain. The song really sets the pace for the entirety of the album. If you don't feel like listening to this full album then you can go ahead and just listen to this one track. It IS the album, no other song on the albums shines nearly as bright and doesn't seem nearly as polished. The rest of the album seems forced and uncomfortable. I haven't seen Misfits live since 2000, but I am assuming that they wouldn't choose any songs from this album to fill up their set-list. Its just really disappointing. I hope Danzig does us all a favor and comes back to the Misfits just to shut Jerry Only up. Like a retirement tour. I could go for that.


Misfits - The Devil's Rain

Suggested Listening: The Misfits (The commercial version, not the Danzig version) had some pretty great tracks. Nothing that could hold a candle up to something from Danzig era Misfits, but it still holds its own in my eyes. Here are some of my favorite corporate Misfits songs.

Misfits - Kong at the Gates/Forbidden Zone/Lost In Space
Album: Famous Monsters
Why?: This may be stretching it but Kong at the Gates, Lost in Space, and Forbidden Zone are best when played together as one big track. Kong at the Gates is one of the best intros. They all kick so much major ass and make me want to mosh like crazy! If you are a skinny-jean teenager that loves punching other teens at hardcore shows than I would suggest listening to both of these tracks. This would be a great intro for anyone that wants to see a really true mix of old Misfits and new Misfits. Great songs. 


and here is a little something extra for you...
Misfits (ft. Joan Jett) - Astro Zombies

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